Vassilis Koutsoumpas (Georgetown University, MPP (‘24) / City of Athens, Policy Advisor / Co-Founder-Executive Director WeFor / LLB-LLM DuTh / 2nd General High School of Livadia)


Vassilis has been admitted as a merit scholar to the MPP program at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

As one scrolls down this list, one can’t help but be impressed by the success stories of young people from all over Greece. Their journey towards their goal has been an accumulation of hard work, discipline, and a compelling narrative that made them stand out. I am filled with joy and humility to be included among them.

My admission to some of the most prestigious universities in the world came to be in great part thanks to my preparation at the “Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center”. The continuous support of my instructors throughout the strenuous task that is the application process proved pivotal in my success.

Mrs. Dia Gerontoudi has been a constant point of reference for me. Her teaching methods, strategic approach towards standardized testing, and advice broadened my way of thinking and helped me realize my potential. Mrs. Dia has a unique way of helping people tap into their full capacity, push beyond their limits, and work towards greatness. She has been as much a mentor as a teacher for me. I will cherish her advice in the years to come.

My interactions with Mr. Thomas were something between a sparring match of intellects and long reflective psychology sessions. Mr. Thomas may remind you of the unconventional speech of the therapist from the “King’s speech.” His methods diverge from the ordinary and his approach challenges you to harvest your ambitions, reveal your most noble motives, and streamline your dream into an alluring story that will differentiate you from the rest. His efficacy and determination make him a great mentor and coach.

Of course, one can’t forget Vally Karampakaki. I still remember our weekend night calls while preparing for the GRE. If Thomas and Dia are the pillars on which the center stands, then Vally is the foundation on which these pillars find support. Last but not least, one can always find a great quant teacher in Mr. Karalis and his willingness to help even the less experienced of us.

The “Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center” is not just a prep center for studies abroad; it is rather a hub for future industry leaders, policy-makers, community organizers, scientists, and innovators.
Vassilis was also admitted to Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (merit scholar), Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (merit scholar), and NYU Wagner School of Public Service (merit scholar).