Vangelis Viskadouros ( MSc in Data Science for Business, HEC Paris joint Degree with Ecole Polytechnique / Diploma in Civil Engineering, NTUA)


The whole process for pursuing postgraduate studies after NTUA, from choosing programmes to application submission and interview attendance, is a painstaking task that requires a lot of effort and passion to turn out successfully. After my first discussion with Thomas Kalandranis from Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center, I realised that he is well-informed and experienced in the field of postgraduate studies preparation. More specifically, his expertise in the field of business studies was useful in my effort to acquire management studies with the use of modern technology tools that data science provides. Not only did he assist me with the composition of my essays, to help me make them clear and precise, but he also prepared me for the interview process, to be ready for any unexpected questions.

I would highly recommend Mr. Thomas Kalandranis to any student that wants to make the most out of his/her potential and achieve the greatest in terms of programme admissions. Thank you for all your support during this stressful process!