Prokopis Antonellis (Antonellis Dental Specialists Clinic, Athens GR / MSc in Prosthodontics, Baylor University, TX / Athens Dental School / TOEFL 118, GRE 163/158)

“Dia Gerontoudi’s Prep Center is THE place to go and prepare for the various examinations. The professionalism of Dia and her staff never fails to get the job done while the individualised approach to each student’s strengths and weaknesses guarantees that one’s full potential is unlocked. In addition, the ample computer lab time that the students are offered is essential to understanding the nature of the tests. Another key strength of this Prep Center is its long experience with Personal Statements and Job Interview preparations. This is perhaps more important than doing well in the tests as this is the part where you “sell” yourself. No matter how good a product you have, it will very rarely sell itself without the efforts of a talented salesman. So, listen to the experts because failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”