Philippos Nakas (MS in Symbolic Systems, Stanford University / BA Mathematics and Philoshophy, Yale University / GRE Q169/V169)


I cannot recommend the Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center enough as a provider of guidance, education, and practice for taking the GRE.

The instruction I received by Mrs. Gerontoudi throughout my preparation for the verbal and written section of the test was consistently insightful, highly personalized, and, most importantly, to the point. One of the greatest difficulties in having to prepare for the GRE in a tight timeframe is to avoid wasting time on generic, pointless exercises and chaotic vocabulary lists. Assisted by her long experience with the test, aptitude for intuitive teaching, and vast supply of holistically designed practice material, Mrs. Gerontoudi is excellent in efficiently instilling the essential aspects of each subsection, and providing customized study plans based on the student’s past performance.

Moreover, the Prep Center offers flexible arrangement of immensely valuable test-simulations that help you get a feel for the actual test conditions and give an accurate indication of your current score potential. To top it off, Mrs. Gerontoudi, Mr. Kalandranis, along with all of the center’s staff members are genuinely friendly and invested people; it was always a pleasure to interact with them.