Olga Chatzifoti (MSc Serious Games and Virtual Reality, The Glasgow School of Art / MSc in Geoinformatics, NTUA / Diploma in Architecture NTUA / GRE 168V/160Q / TOEFL 118)


“Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center is an environment that far surpasses the narrow framework of an exam preparation center. It is a place of true educational quality, which made studying there not merely means to a purpose, but a note-worthy, rewarding experience in itself.

Τhe instructors have encompassing knowledge in their area of expertise and well-structured teaching methods, as well as immediately evident, deep-seated experience in the examination formats.

Their personal passion, each for his/her own discipline, is unmistakably expressed in their efforts to incorporate cultural and historical elements in the course content, thus rendering it engaging and relatable.

Based on the empowering results that this experience offered, I would not think it can be substituted by any amount of personal effort, online courses or live participation in any other alternative.

I personally thank you for your thorough support and have greatly enjoyed Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center’s unique atmosphere.”