Nikos Orologopoulos (Kellogg Business School, MBA Class of ’20 / Diploma in Civil Engineering, AUTH / GMAT 710)


Restless about my future professional path the last few years, I understood that to venture beyond the boundaries of a civil engineer and pursue my dreams and ambitions in new business fields, I had to chase a MBA Program. For such a big step in my life, I was fortunate to meet and get to know Mrs. Dia Gerontoudi and Mr. Thomas Kalandranis,both of whom helped me significantly in different tasks and, clearly, they own a big share of my success.

Mrs Dia, one of the most exceptional teachers that I have the chance to work with,through her well organized and updated curriculum, but most importantly, through her remarkable communication style and teaching methods, helped memaximize and optimizemyscores in the GMAT test. Moreover, I appreciated her approach and personal time she invested in me, showing me how much she respects her students and counts on them. Through our many discussions, she led me to reshape my way of thinking, to see clearly my goals and to be more confident for my abilities.

With Mr. Thomas, we worked on my university applications. Aiming for a top American University, I was impressed by his holistic knowledge of US universities, their culture, their educational approach, and their post-MBA impact on professional growth. Under his mentoring, I decided onthe universities that fit me best, both with respect to my business goals and my culture and guided me in the application process, helping mechoose the right angle to present my personal story and my ambitions.

Most importantly, through this experience I had the chance to meet 2 incredible persons that believed in me, sometimes even more than I did. Moreover, I feel blessed knowing that they will stay close to me in my future ventures. Without a doubt, if you want to become the best, you must be coached by the best.