Nikolas Zygourakis (MiM, London Business School / NTUA Diploma in Mechanical Eng. / GMAT 690)


Finding the right people to support me when preparing for the GMAT exam and applying for graduate programs was a critical factor towards achieving my goals. During my preparation, I had the chance to work closely with Ms. Dia Gerontoudi, who guided and supported me throughout the whole process.

Ms. Dia’s teaching methods and her structured approach towards the GMAT test helped me understand the principles of the exam and the logic behind each type of verbal questions. While preparing me in a short period of time, she quickly identified my strong and weak points, and helped me develop an effective study plan focused on improving my weaknesses. Apart from her academic assistance, Ms. Dia, through her tailored guidance and coaching, greatly contributed in improving my exam-taking skills, in general.

However, Ms. Dia was much more than a GMAT instructor for me. Spending time in understanding me as a person and discussing personal concerns about my future steps, Ms. Dia inspired me to develop and maintain the necessary high morale. I am very grateful for meeting Ms. Dia who constantly motivated me and helped me reshape my attitude towards facing and overcoming challenges.

I strongly recommend Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center to all seeking proper guidance, the right environment, and the strong motivation to make their next step towards fulfilling their goals.

Thanks for everything!