Nicholas Chalaris (Entrepreneur / EMBA, INSEAD / MA in Marketing, Emerson College, USA)


I first met Dia in 2005 when we worked together for my GRE preparation and essay applications. At the time, I was successfully admitted to NYU, BU, and Emerson College.

Twelve years later, I decided to pursue an EMBA at INSEAD and Dia was there to support me again with my GMAT/BAT preparation. Although being out of school for that long, Dia managed to put me back on track in very short time, while Kostas Karalis with his unique approach in math helped me to go through the quantitative section in less than 2 months. Thomas Kalandranis reviewed my application essays and provided substantial feedback.

Admittedly, this prep period was not easy for me, but certainly their experience, methodology and devotion played a major part in my success. Thank you Dia, Thomas and Kostas for all this, I couldn’t ask for more.