Nicole Tamvaka (PhD in Biomedical Sciences, Mayo Clinic Graduate School / BSc in Neuroscience/Biophysics, Dickinson Class of 2020 / SAT General and Subjects: Math I and Physics)

Mrs. Dia Gerontoudi taught me more than writing a good essay, understanding difficult words like “soliloquy” or “incarnated” and comprehending the most bizarre SAT texts. With her unique teaching style and top-notch material she offered me a personalized learning experience, enhancing my strong elements while improving my weak ones. She provided me with knowledge in diverse areas broadening my horizons and intellectual interests and giving me different insight on the world around me.
She gave me confidence to go after my dreams and make them come true, and for that I’ll always be grateful. As I’m about to commence for the next chapter of my life as a student at Dickinson college, I’ll keep her words “good things happen to good people” as hope and motivation to move forward.