Myrto Oikonomou (Teaching Associate, Oxford University / DPhil, MPhil in Economics, Oxford University / AUEB Economics / TOEFL 118, GRE 169/163)

” Studying for the GRE and TOEFL examinations can prove to be a very stressful and demanding experience. This is why every student should search for a prep center that goes beyond solving math and teaching how to memorize vocabulary.
At Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center, I found exactly that. Mrs. Gerontoudi, Mr. Karalis, and Mr. Kalandranis were more than very qualified and experienced tutors. They were people that genuinely cared about my progress and took the extra time and effort to guide me through the entire process of the exams. Their pedagogical system, contrary to the majority of prep centers, is not based on mass education and huge classes. It is based on a very skillfully organized program that includes courses and lab tests and on individual attention to each and every one of their students. In my experience, when faced with rather intimidating tests, crucial to my application, it was exactly the type of mentoring that helped me flourish. Mrs Dia’s classes taught me much more than vocabulary. They taught me how to be efficient in a highly stressful environment and how to perform well when on a tight time schedule. I am sure that her guidance and instructions will prove useful in many more occasions in the future, other than the GRE and TOEFL tests. I owe them so much for helping me succeed and I truly thank them for making this a really enjoyable experience! “