Michalis Frouzis (MBA 20′, Harvard Business School / NTUA Diploma in Electr. Engineering / GMAT 770, IR 8/8)


Applying for graduate programs is undoubtedly a draining process and the importance of having the right allies along the way simply cannot be overstated. For me, the right allies were Dia Gerontoudi and Thomas Kalandranis. They were both core to my preparation, thankfully, not because of the countless hours I spent at their premises, but because of the endless coaching, guidance and mentoring I received from them – the type of support you usually only get from your family and close ones.

Dia was much more than a GMAT instructor. She greatly helped me grasp the nuts and bolts of GMAT, create a very effective study plan, and quickly identify and improve on my weaknesses. However, her greatest contribution was helping me maintain high morale, all while having to combine my preparation with a very demanding work schedule. She was able to do that because she invested ample time in understanding me as a person and addressing all my concerns – trust me, they were many!

I also worked closely with Thomas Kalandranis, who helped me during the preparation of my application essays and interviews. Thomas spent a great deal of time listening to and reflecting on my story. By doing that, he got in a position where he could help me clarify my unique selling points and goals, align them with each business school’s philosophy and communicate them in the best possible way.

I highly recommend Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center to all seeking their right allies and an environment where they can feel certain they maximize their chances of being admitted to their dream school.

Thanks for everything!