Maria Sarantopoulou (Speechwriter, European Commission, Brussels BE / MSc in Public Policy and Administration, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) / Media and Communication EKPA)

When I joined the preparation centre of Dia Gerontoudi, I was searching for a prep center which would not only provide me the necessary knowledge for just passing the exams but a centre which would prepare me to integrate best into a university abroad and help me get a deeper knowledge on the tough studying programmes of a master’s degree at an international high level university.
The professionalism of Mrs Gerontoudi and Mr. Kalandranis, and their experience is really impressive. The structure of the courses and the teaching method is an ace up a student’s sleeve, as the success in the exams is guaranteed and most important (which a student will figure out during his/her studies abroad) the courses are representative of a pre-course of a university.
In addition, they and their associates are very friendly and supportive, which is extremely significant for such a stressful period. I would really recommend this to every ambitious student and I would like to thank them for that unique experience that they offered to me and my classmates.