Maria Nefeli Bernitsa (MBA INSEAD ‘22 / LLB UCL / Senior Associate at Silver Circle law firm, London / GMAT 710)


Working with the Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center was the single most important decision in my MBA journey and the key to getting into my school of choice.

I admit that I was a non-believer before I worked with them. I was confused when a number of friends (who haven’t lived in Greece for years) recommended the tutors at the Dia Gerontoudi prep center for an international exam in English.  So, I started my GMAT journey with a private tutoring package from a large international GMAT provider. A few weeks later, I phoned Mrs Gerontoudi and never looked back.

Mrs Gerontoudi’s lesson plan is perfect for a full-time, hardworking professional. She challenges you when you need it (even if you don’t feel like it), supports you when you are low and drills down to the essential areas of improvement. Most importantly, she puts her heart into your journey and subtly guides you in shaping your goals.

Mr Karalis bent over backwards to find times that worked for both of us. His patience, persistence, calm and positive disposition were invaluable to me since I had not looked at mathematics for over ten years.

Mr Kalandranis knows the schools and the expectations and will give you the honest feedback you need. He will keep challenging you and asking you why which is essential.

They are a great team, and I feel very privileged to have worked with them.