Maria Lydia Pistiola (MBA, London Business School (Class of ’20) / AUTH LLB / GMAT 720)


Coming from a legal background and aiming at a competitive GMAT score was not an easy job. I had to refresh my maths for the Quant part and master my English for the Verbal part. Choosing Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center for GMAT prep was definitely the most important decision I made towards succeeding and entering London Business School.

Overall Dia was more than a good and effective tutor. Her approach, teaching capabilities and expertise are without any doubt of the highest level. What differentiates her from any other tutor is her ability to gradually get you into the GMAT logic. At first you will struggle but eventually you will end up learning valuable things and enjoying “beating” the GMAT.

Dia will also become a valuable friend, that will get to know you both as a person and as a professional, will evaluate your strong points and weaknesses and will empower, support and guide you throughout the whole application process. One thing is for sure; Dia will inspire you, will maximise your performance and will help you succeed your goals!

I wholeheartedly recommend Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center for GMAT and applications preparation, as well as for the ongoing support a candidate might need. Thanks for everything!

(Also accepted by Chicago Booth Business School and NYU Stern)