Konstantina Giannakopoulou (Future Trainee Solicitor at Watson Farley & Williamsm / LLB at London School of Economics (LSE) / AUEB Acc. and Finance)

I prepared at the Dia Gerontoudi center for my law entry exam (LNAT), IELTS and my overall application for law schools. From the first moment, the whole team approached my case individually and with extra care. I was astonished by their level of expertise, their organized and thorough material, and the in-depth knowledge of all “the tricks of the trade” and the aspects of an application, especially for a rare choice of field such as the bachelor in law abroad. I was exposed to learning material and techniques that fully expanded my way of thinking and helped me cultivate the much-needed for a law student critical and analytical skills.

Out of extended personal experience, I can guarantee that Dia Gerontoudi preparation center offers first tier services. Academic success, though, doesn’t derive only from good preparation for the compulsory examinations, but also lies in the mentality. The center is an extremely stimulating environment that pushes you to think beyond the obvious and explore that extra something that leads you to success. Mrs. Gerontoudi and Mr. Kalandranis, with whom I had the honor to work with towards my goals, share a remarkable passion for excellence and they have dedicated their lives to helping young, ambitious people achieve their dreams. The center helped me fulfill my wildest dream and I am more than happy to say, that at the center, I met a mentor for life: Mrs. Dia Gerontoudi.