Klearchos Albanis (MSc in Construction Economics and Management UCL / Diploma in Civil Eng. NTUA)


Graduating from NTUA, I had to improve my English skills to continue with my postgraduate studies in London. Upon discovering Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center, I met with Dia who immediately tested my English level. The results of the test were disappointing but she motivated me to correct my weaknesses. Training hard, I acquired the right guidelines from Dia to improve the grammatical structures which are essential for writing section and I improved scanning and skimming which are foremost both in the reading and listening sections. Dia is the most talented English teacher I have ever met and she really inspired me to become better each day!

On the other hand, Thomas was a true mentor who consulted me flawlessly on personal statements and the applications for a number of universities. Having long experience, he is the most supportive consultant combining knowledge and worldliness, by making students feel self-confident and optimistic.

During the past year, I committed to improving my English level,enjoying the valuable and essential help of both Dia and Thomas, who led me to achieve my goal of an acceptable IELTS score. I thank them not only for their teaching methods and supportive techniques but also for their unique talent to convert a stressful student into a creative and productive candidate! I strongly recommend Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center to anyone who has high expectations of themselves; it is the only center that can give the right support to students with big dreams and ambitions, regardless of their current English skills!