Katerina-Markella Liakou (Master in Management, HEC Paris / Diploma in Chemical Engineering, NTUA)


While I’m writing this, I literally don’t know where to start. I will try to capture my experience with this incredible team in the following lines.

When I decided to pursuit a Master in Management, I knew that the first step towards my goal was to take the GMAT test. So, I started searching for a center that would be the right place for me to prepare.
Once I’ve stepped in the Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center and I met Dia and Thomas, I knew that this prep center would be the perfect fit for me.

During my first meeting with Thomas, I realized how experienced and passionate he is. Thomas has always treated me as an individual and not as just another student who wants to pursuit a Master’s Degree. Thomas provided me support on preparing my applications, my interviews and on choosing the programme that would address my professional interests and goals.

Dia is an amazing, intelligent teacher and woman. I find her way of thinking inspiring. Her approach on the Verbal section of the GMAT test is ingenious and I truly believe that she is the best on what she is doing. During the good and the bad, she was there for me, with a useful advice and a kind word, always reminding me to never give up on my dreams.

Mr.Karalis’s multidisciplinary approach on the Quant section of the GMAT test is extraordinary. He is really passionate, and he always tries to find even more effective ways to solve a case or answer a GMAT question. Meeting Mr.Karalis through Dia Gerontoudi’s Prep Center was a blessing for me, as I got the chance to meet an incredible teacher and a future mentor.

Of course, I was very lucky to meet Vally, who supported me in each stage of my application and generally she was there for me during the ups and downs of this journey. Also, I’m thankful for Valentini with her positive way of thinking and her easygoingness.

I was extremely lucky to meet and bond with Dia, Thomas, Mr.Karalis, Vally and Valentini. I couldn’t ask for a better team and I highly recommend them. Thank you for everything!

(Also accepted by London Business School’s MiM)