Ismini Papaharalambous (Director of Operations and Marketing, Heracles Packaging SA, Athens GR / MBA Cambridge Judge Bus. School / Dipl. in Mechanical Engineering NTUA / GMAT 700)

Choosing the right MBA can be quite tricky and the whole application process a real nightmare. Yet with the right people by your side everything can get a lot easier. I was lucky enough to make the right decision for my GMAT preparation. Mrs Dia Gerontoudi really upgraded my knowledge in English, helping me almost excel in the Verbal Section and Mr. Kostas Karalis guided me in the not-so-simple-even-for-an-engineer Quant Section. But the support went way beyond that. Once I finished, Mr. Thomas Kalandranis helped me write remarkable essays and prepared me for the demanding interviews that paved my way into admission. It was their care and support that made my dream come true. A simple thank you note, just can’t cover it all! I strongly recommend Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center for those out there who seek not only a good score, but also a new way of thinking!