Ioanna Dretta (Mid-Career Master in Public Administration, Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, and Kokkalis fellow / MSc in Soil Mechanics and Engineering Seismology, Imperial College London / Civil Engineering NTUA)

“Dia Gerontoudi was my tutor during my preparation for the GMAT and TOEFL examinations, as well as my counselor and editor for my application to the Harvard Kennedy School. In a few words, it was both a productive and enjoyable experience. Preparing for the GMAT could have been a trying process for me, given that I was working full time at the time, which limited severely the time I have available to study. Additionally, I simply had to obtain a very high score in my tests. Thankfully, I was presented with a refreshingly well organized, methodical teaching system that even offered me the chance to conduct lessons over VOIP, a most valuable time saving option. More than anything else, I was impressed with the mathematical approach to preparing for this examination, which under different circumstances would have been a much more challenging process for a non-native English engineer, such as me. Correspondingly, the teaching methodology for the TOEFL exam was just as highly focused and well-structured that I was able to prepare for it in the least amount of time.”