George Gatsios (BA in Economics Tripos (Class ’22), University of Cambridge)


When I first started having lessons with Mrs Gerontoudi, I had in mind that I would do a couple of them in order to enhance my exam-taking skills and specifically do better in the SAT verbal section. Little did I know then that these hours of our private tutoring had considerably more to do with my improving my English than with taking any sort of exam. Although Mrs Gerontoudi will divulge to her students all the information pertaining to the exam they are interested in taking, including tips to maximize exam performance gathered from a long and thorough examination of past papers and relevant books published, this is not where the story ends.

Firstly, Mrs Gerontoudi is a wonderful English instructor, possessing a great amount of knowledge pertaining to grammar and vocabulary, along with reading and writing techniques to make her students more proficient users of the English language. She also has the ability to impart her knowledge in such a successful way which guarantees the understanding of her students.

Secondly, Mrs Gerontoudi is not known among her students only as the person who helped them take their English language skills to the next level, but also as belonging to the rare species of teachers who are pedagogues as well; she is always willing and happy to give lifetime advice, to be a counselor and to really take an interest in her students beyond the strictly academic part. In my case, Mrs Gerontoudi would always ask me how did my applications with the universities went, if I needed any help with my personal statement and essays and many more that she could have chosen simply not to be a part of.

Overall, Mrs Gerontoudi ended up being a surprise for me because she was not only the best English teacher I ever had, but she was also the sort of person who would inspire you to work and become better in every respect; and when you did become better, she would shine from happiness, being as satisfied (or even more) as you. One thing is certain: I started having lessons with a top, professional English instructor and I ended up with so much. I realized I had been acquainted with a mentor whom I am going to remember for the rest of my life.