George Cambanis (MiM HEC Paris, Merit Scholarship / BA in Philosophy, University of Chicago / Athens College (HAEF) / GRE V167/Q167)


“I had a great experience preparing for the GREs under Ms. Gerontoudi’ guidance and mentorship. She was quick to identify my strengths and weaknesses and prescribe a mode of studying that was most conducive to achieving my desired level of preparedness. Besides a very targeted and structured preparation, I got to engage in great discourse with Ms. Gerontoudi who has an amazing ability to stir provoking thoughts, inspire self-assessment and guide personal development.

I was also introduced to Mr. Karalis who helped me prepare for the Quantitative part of the exam by covering exhaustively all required Math theory.

The center’s lab also provided a great simulation of the actual test experience such that by the time I took the actual exam I was comfortable with the material and prepared for the physical strains of a 4-hour exam.

It should also be noted that I got introduced to HEC’s MiM – my choice of program – by a presentation given by a HEC ambassador at the prep center.

I am very grateful for getting to know both of my instructors and selecting this preparation program and can earnestly say that I earned a lot more than what could be typically expected.”