George Andreadis (Master in Business Analytics 2021, Columbia Eng. School / Diploma in Naval Arch. & Marine Eng., NTUA / GRE Q163/V154 / TOEFL 111)


After the first moments of my conversation with Mr. Kalandranis, I figured out that Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center was the right place for me to begin my journey towards a Master’s degree in the US. Besides providing me with the flexibility I needed during my service at the Hellenic Navy, they got to know my personality and listened to my story, while carefully guiding me through the next steps.

Mr. Karalis provided me with the perfect blend of theoretical and practical instruction. He has been detail-oriented and flexible in the management of a group with different backgrounds, providing useful insights on how to approach the quantitative section of the GRE. 
Working with Mrs. Dia couldn’t be more delightful since she uses a structured approach, based on logic and mathematical straightforwardness to deal even with the most complex verbal issues. I was impressed by her exquisite knowledge of etymology and by the way she delivers her part of the work. I couldn’t imagine that I would enjoy the verbal section so much, especially during the online classes which ran extremely smoothly.

Special mention to Mr. Kalandranis who polished my skills for the TOEFL examination, but mostly for his assistance during the application process. By asking the right questions on the schools and programs, he guided me towards the essence of each of the letters I prepared and helped me share my story most efficiently. His extended knowledge of US schools will make you think that he has graduated from every one of them. A real guru of the marketplace.

Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center definitely is the champion you deserve to have on your side during the first steps of this wonderful journey of knowledge.

(also admitted by Duke, UCLA, USC, GaTech)