Dimos Praskidis (INSEAD MBA, Diversity Scholarship / Diploma in Civil Engineering, AUTH / GMAT 730)


Everybody knows the crucial importance of GMAT when aiming for a spot in a top business school. Choosing the right team to train and guide you through this stressful procedure is the first step towards success.

In this context, I cannot recommend enough Ms Dia Gerontoudi and Mr Konstantinos Karalis to everybody aiming high. Ms Dia, having mastered the art of the Verbal section, provided me with high-quality study material, customised question sets, valuable tips, as well as effective strategies to approach the different types of verbal questions. Her experience and ability to determine the student’s level from the beginning helped me save time by tailoring the test preparation to my individual needs, something crucial in such tight study timeframes. Mr Karalis embraces a creative, deep understanding approach for the Quant section questions, an approach that helped me gradually improve my score significantly. His passion and willingness to go the extra mile in order to simplify and provide alternative solutions to the tough, “700 questions” stimulated my interest and curiosity, and eventually boosted my test performance.

GMAT may be the first step, but choosing the right schools and preparing appealing applications are of equal importance. On this front, I worked closely with Mr Thomas Kalandranis who, asking the right questions, was able to identify my strengths and objectives, and help me pick the schools that best align with them. Additionally, thanks to his guidance I was able to prepare essays that truly reflect my most impactful experiences and promote my unique selling points.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that all the courses and meetings took place in an online environment, with the experience being completely seamless. The Prep Center team can create a real human connection with the students, a connection that I believe impacts the final results. As I mentioned, I cannot recommend them enough!