Anna-Lali Tsilidou (ΜBA 21′ Columbia University / Mc Kinsey Bus. Analyst / BSc in Accounting and Finance, UOM / GMAT 750)


Having worked with Dia Gerontoudi and Thomas Kalandranis before on the GRE exam and on M.Sc. admissions, Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center was the obvious choice when I started thinking of GMAT and applications to MBA programs. Working full-time, I had a solid math foundation, specific needs and very limited time, so I opted for private tutoring on the verbal part of GMAT with Dia and consultation sessions with Thomas.

Before anything else, I want to state that applying for top-10 MBA programs is nerve-wracking regardless of one’s abilities. Having (cheer)leaders who really understand the particularities of this endeavor and have the experience to support you throughout the process (which lasts almost a year) is pivotal, if you want to succeed and above all maintain mental health. What differentiates Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center is the personal long-term relationship Dia and Thomas create with each student, which stems from their genuine empathy.

One simply cannot get a very high GMAT without rocking the verbal part, and no one understands this better than Dia. She has organized the material in the most systematic way, while her knowledge of linguistics goes well beyond the exam. The few hours I spent with her were by far the most value-adding part of my preparation; without her support, I couldn’t have scored 750 especially in such a short time.

Thomas for me is 50% therapist and 50% admissions consultant. He will hear your story, ask the most challenging questions, support you in understanding your strengths, and help you explain them to a 5-year old (verbally and in writing). At the same time, he will share insights about universities, guide you in narrowing down your search, and help you tailor your story to each university.

I’ve known Dia and Thomas for 5 years now, and I simply cannot recommend them enough. Thank you both!