Anastasia Voutsara (MSc in Mental Health, UCL / BA in Psychology, NKUA)


The most inspiring part about Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center is its people. It is very rare to find such people who are demanding and caring, passionate and calm, professionals and friends at the same time. The biggest benefit is that you have three wonderful people as your mentors willing to truly help you based on your own needs and not on their wishes.

For me, Dia was the Teacher, in the purest meaning of the word, that I was looking for throughout my life. She is a very charismatic teacher, concerned about shaping qualities, expanding on current issues, with great empathy about people’s difficulties, and always encouraging us to set lofty goals that will bring a change to our Greek society. She is a beautiful idealist and that is the biggest lesson I could ask for when entering Dia’s Prep Center. Having such role models and people to aspire to was the most motivating factor for my success.