GMAT Major Change in number of questions in Verbal and Quant Section

GMAT Test is changing on April 16, 2018 – it will be shortened by 30 minutes
Verbal: 36Q –>65min
Quant: 31Q–>62min

Number of questions on the test will be reduced:

The number of Quant questions will be reduced by 6: from 37 to 31
The number of Verbal questions will be reduced by 5: from 41 to 36

This includes a 23-minute reduction in the exam sections, as well as 7 minute reduction across several non-exam screens at the test center (e.g. Tutorial, Section Instructions).

The time per question will be approximately the same.

earlier 75×60/37 = 121.62
now 61×60/32 = 120 seconds

earlier 75/41 = 109.75 seconds
now 65×60/36 = 108.33 seconds

so 1.42 seconds less per question in Verbal Section

The reduction in questions comes from reduction of experimental questions.

No Changes to IR or AWA section.

There are some changes to the on-screen instructions that further reduce time used for the test.

GMAT Prep software will be released by April 30th (along with updated Exam Packs)

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