Συνεχείς επιτυχίες του Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center

Posted on 13 Dec 2014
H πλήρης και επιτυχημένη προετοιμασία στο Dia Gerontoudi Prep Center περιλαμβάνει: Συζήτηση επιλογής πανεπιστημίων Προετοιμασία εξετάσεων (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS) Editing των statements και του CV, και γενική καθοδήγηση Το όνομα μας αποτελέι συνώνυμο με την επιτυχία, μιας και οι δεκα


Posted on 15 Nov 2014
GMAC recently announced that test takers of the GMAT will have the option of deciding whether or not to keep their results, immediately upon previewing their unofficial scores, after the end of the examination. • You will be given 2 minutes after the end of the test to decide whether

TOEFL – Biometric Voice Identification

Posted on 15 Nov 2014
  ETS, the creator of the TOEFL test, announced the introduction of biometric voice identification to maintain fair and reliable TOEFL testing. The newly announced security measure provides an additional proven technique to add to the TOEFL program’s comprehensive security system

An Important GRE Score Reporting Policy Change.

Posted on 15 Nov 2014
An Important GRE Score Reporting Policy Change ETS announced a very important change regarding their score reporting policy: The New ScoreSelectSM option. The option will be available, starting in July 2012, for both the GRE General Test and GRE Subject Tests, and can be used byanyone

Did you know that Warwick has an alumni network in Greece?

Posted on 15 Nov 2014
If you haven’t got in touch with your fellow alumni you’re missing out on one of the benefits of being a Warwick graduate. Dia Gerontoudi is again a member of the lastly elected board (2014)  Visit Warwick Graduates Association in Facebook and LinkedIn

GMAT® Integrated Reasoning — Launching June 5, 2012

Posted on 15 Nov 2014
The New Generation GMAT introduces the New Integrated Reasoning section: Not separately administered It is the second part of the exam – immediately after the 30-minute AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment / Argument) essay section and before the first optional break Non-adaptive testin